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Just admit it

You were born to enjoy the only life you got in all its glory, but yet you keep getting in your way. Sadly that is not all. You can’t stand tall; you stumble at the slightest opportunity that presents itself even while it seems you are on both feet.

Do not despair

You are not alone- we’ve all been down that route before. I know that dark path much too well myself. I also know that it is all too easy to succumb to the army of feelings fighting for your attention. Add crippling beliefs to the mixture, and you have a monumental battle to keep afloat right at your doorstep.

It is all too daunting.

Unfortunately, life is not written in black and white making it difficult to figure things out on your own. Depressing! However, don’t give up. Your shero didn’t !

Here is the good news

An opportunity fit for you. Soulful Brainery was designed with you in mind, to provide you with not just spiritual but also practical guide to get you onto the right path and even ignite your inner spunk.

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The Soulful Brainery tribe is the fuel you need to transform your little spark to a giant beam of light that reaches all corners of the world. The world needs your light. Join Soulful Brainery now and reclaim your glow today.

Do you dread trying out new things or fear what comes with change?

Don’t be. For it will be a thing of beauty and joy. Like the changing of a caterpillar into the beautiful butterfly or the opening of a rosebud to reveal the full splendour of its magnificent bloom so is the change process; natural in its very essence and a door to beautiful beginnings. So unlock your chance to beauty and magnificence and embrace the positivity of change.

We all need wings that will lift us high

It is time to shake off the cloak covering your soul and pop your self-imposed bubble with Soulful Brainery.

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Each month I will be donating part of the proceeds to “Got your back sister” a charity dedicated to helping victims of domestic violence in their most vulnerable state.

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