• Meet Lucy.

    Lucy Dimovska is a Soulful Life Coach, a personal money expert and the founder of Soulful Brainery (SB). Her unique and unorthodox teachings have helped women silent the damaging voice of their victim mentality and recover their power and purpose back. Simply put, Lucy has been instrumental in helping victimized women shine again.

A story needs a Shero

Lucy’s strength is born from the ashes of her own past experience. She has had to battle on the personal front with emotional abuse, binge eating and a case of clinical depression despite being a successful finance professional.

And like the Phoenix, she rose from the ashes better equipped with insight and understanding. This has given her the unique edge when it comes to helping and alleviating the plight of victimized women. No wonder her teachings have been so useful.

Lucy’s comparative advantage

The learning steps were first hand and by no means easy. Through it all, she trudged on one step at a time on her healing journey discovering the secrets to recovering one’s life back from the grip of emotional anguish arising from victimhood mentality. To her learning these secrets it was an obsession and her passion.

It paid off. Via a combination of spiritual and practical steps, Lucy was able to end her journey a shero!

A Shero

on a mission

But like every shero and hero talked or sang about, love for the oppressed is undeniable, and the quest to liberate the weak amongst us is a burden that weighs heavy upon them. Lucy Dimovska is no different.

That is why Lucy is an avid researcher and a dotting caregiver.

On one of such epic journey into research, she made a discovery. That women, generally more inclined to submit and trade their power in exchange for approval and acceptance.

With that discovery, she made it her mission in life to not only stop at healing herself but also help other women find their inner warrior and live happier and more fulfilling lives.

Her favorite quote is: “Behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women, who have her back!”

Lucy will inspire you to be bold, brave and love yourself. She is passionate about helping you resume work on those dreams you have pushed aside for a long time.

Talk to Lucy Dimovska on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter today to get tons of inspiration, support and free tools to start you on your journey to victory and be the next ultimate shero!