• Perhaps you’ve tried everything possible yet.


    You know things are not right. You want help. There is no shame in getting help, right? You agree.

But, you still feel unstuck, fearful, lost in your mind and you’re financially weak.

You don’t have a clue how to get help or if honest helpers exist out there.

After all, the world has its fair share of harbingers of evil deeds and peddlers of falsehood already.

Does this sound like you?

  • You think life is overwhelming
  • You’re sure your life experience has more downs than ups. Situations which have left you dazed, confused and incapable of finding the strength to get back up when you fall.
  • When you do try, it is not helpful to soldier on with negative emotions hanging over you
  • And to make it worse you still have the extra burden of looking after just about everyone else but yourself.

You just feel empty inside. You’re desperate for an honest person to look you in the eye and tell you like it is without any BS. Someone you can easily relate with because they know what it feels like having been through similar situations in the past themselves.

I was just like you.

  • I suffered emotional abuse that crushed my spirits.
  • I know what neglect feels like. What it means to be without support and help.
  • I knew I had a problem. More importantly, I knew I had to fight if I am to fulfill my purpose.

But, just in case you are wondering “how do I start?”
Or you are saying to yourself how can I fight when my inner power is gone and the light of my soul quenched?

Today you will have your answer:
A unique range of online courses and products created by Soulful Brainery to provide solutions to the pressing challenges you are currently facing while supporting you on your journey to a better life and becoming a dominant Shero.
All within a short time. At your own pace.

When I started out on my journey to becoming a shero, it was slow and tortuous.  I had no help, no guide or support and I made lots of mistakes. I learned the hard way and nearly gave up.

But do you know what?

I eventually transformed from a whimper to a bold statement of elegance and gracefulness. Today I live my dreams and pursue my goals!

So what is the secret of my transformation?

I did lots of research and was not afraid to embrace change. I was able to come up with unique and little-known strategies that ended all the misery. Just like that.

Today these strategies are revealed in this value-packed courses exclusive to Soulful Brainery.

Enroll in any of the online courses today. No risk. Numerous rewards.

So here is the deal:

  • You get a lifetime access to each course you enroll for.
  • Every module contains easy to follow video lessons, transcripts for your convenience, worksheets, various templates and toolkits to help you with your studying.
  • A VIP access to my Soulful Brainery Facebook support group 24/7 with monthly LIVE calls where I will discuss hot topics and answer all your questions.
  • Be the first to find out about new courses and secure your place before the offer goes out live on sale across the globe. Seats in all SB courses are limited so make sure you sign up to my exclusive waitlist.
  • You qualify for discounts for every new course, products, books or live events.



How to go from clueless pauper to money goddess!

It is not an online course containing “woo-woo airy fairy ‘waive your magic wand'” fluffs. It is a precious resource of steps and guides that will help you excel in the money game and make you prosper in no distant time.

Are you struggling to be financially sufficient? Or do you desire to learn how to budget and track financial cash flow like a pro? Then this course has got you covered.

With the knowledge provided in this course, you will banish sleepless nights forever for a life of happiness and freedom.

Incorporate your Monetary Big Picture with a nitty-gritty approach and get ahead of the money matter

  • Identify your money position with Soulful Urbanite money tools (you can’t fix what you don’t know!).
  • Understand what your money position means and discover how to start changing it using my proven steps.
  • Is your victim mentality sabotaging your good relationship with your creditors and keeping you broke? Find out with this easy- to- fill questionnaire.
  • How to change your rapport with creditors from ugly to friendly and get them to agree to your terms every time (yes, it is possible)!

Simple Math: Bad money story = lean purse

  • Learn how to discover your money story; it is the first step away from poverty to the mentality of abundance.
  • How to take an inventory of your money believes and uncover the negative programming around your idea of abundance.
  • Understanding how your feelings and thoughts are causing irresponsible spending habits.
  • Discover lousy money habits; bring them to light and ditch them for good!

Simple Math: New money story + good money habits = Abundance Overload

  • Learn how to reverse engineer your money story by starting with what you want from life and bring it down to the level of dollars and cents.
  • Learn how to create your Money Blueprint and re-program your mindset to attract abundance
  • Adopt healthy money management steps that will help you excel.
  • Master your day to day money flow like a pro.
  • Feel empowered with daily affirmation and gratitude practices which will further strengthen your efforts towards the life of abundance.

Turn ideas and gifts into your goldmine

  • Why it is essential to cultivate and grow your desire for abundance.
  • Importance of writing; grouping and knowing which ideas and gifts are worth pursuing.
  • Steps on how to monetize your chosen ideas/gifts.
  • How to stay in flow with a newly created wealth vibe daily by keeping your abundance journal.

What next? Hurry! Become a money goddess now.

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Say farewell to Moppey Molly and welcome Spiritual Sally

How to identify your Moppey Molly thoughts and its damaging effects on your life

  • Learn how to identify your Moppey Molly and quit being a victim.
  • Discover how to step out of the self-imposed victimhood.
  • Transform yourself from a victim to the master of your life.
  • Gain confidence and quit blaming yourself for all that was or is wrong in your life,
  • Identify factors pushing you towards abuse/addiction/procrastination/self-hatred then regain your personal power.
  • I will give you the right steps to rebuild your shattered self-esteem and stop looking and acting like a victim.

How to stop being a victim in your relationship and everyday social interactions

  • Discover how deep your victim mentality is entrenched in your life regardless of affiliation.
  • Uncover hidden beliefs that are driving you to think someone is responsible for your happiness.
  • Identify why you are more than willing to give away the control of your most precious possession – your happiness.
  • Understand how it results in adverse outcomes such as mistrust, depression, anxiety, and many other negative feelings thus allowing you take your happiness back.

How to stop being a victim in your business or place of work

  • A Feeling of victimhood is a significant contributor that robs businesses of real progress because people tend to undervalue their unique talents and gifts in exchange for pity parties in the process.
  • Discover how your own victimhood beliefs undermine growth by discouraging, patronizing, or making you shy away from being brilliant in a bid to please others.
  • Learn how to eliminate blocks that are holding your potential back and then claim your brilliance back.

How to stay free of Moppey Molly and love yourself unconditionally

  • Just like anything else in life, being a victim is a choice! Get all the right tools and tactics to set your life free from the victimhood mentality.
  • Learn how to get your creative juices going and create the prosperous future that you deserve!

Are you ready to have a victorious life free of victim mentality?

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How to live a life of abundance as a Soulpreneur without feeling guilty

Eliminate doubts and amplify your vision

  • Learn how to gain clarity and insight for your dream business.
  • Burst through negative self-talk to enable and boldly step into your true purpose.
  • Dispel all self-doubt with proven techniques to become your number one fan.

Creating a blueprint for your business and products

  • Discover your soulpreneur business model with my exclusive soulful business template.
  • Access and deploy tools that will help you brainstorm and come up with unique and profitable offers for your clients.
  • Obtain practical steps in financial and legal knowledge needed to get your business successfully off the ground.
  • Learn how to manage your business well by monitoring your finances.
  • Translate your vision into short and long term goals.
  • You will learn how to find the perfect employees or how to commission the right freelancers to support you on your journey.

Building the standout brand

  • Find your unique voice and apply it to build a recognizable brand that will engage your audience and keep them under your magical spell.
  • Learn how to communicate your brand across different social platforms using excellent design and copyright that aligns with your message.
  • Hook your clients in from the outset and position yourself as an authority.

Selecting and Launching Social Platform

  • Understand the different social media platforms and how they can help you connect better with your audience.
  • I will show you how to successfully write quality blogs and use its power to maximize your following.
  • Discover how to create a distinctive presence on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter that sparkles to standout from the crowd.

How to be your own superstar PR agent

  • Build a robust social media presence, engage influencers and get them to collaborate with you and also promote your products.
  • Tap into social media buzz and use it to your advantage
  • Create compelling, captivating and catch social media content that can go viral.
  • Learn how to execute strategies that will secure TV and radio interviews and much more.

Are you ready to start healing the World and live your dream?

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